The Girl With No Nose

Life is tough in Victorian times, especially when you’re different. Alice Peasbody was born with no nose. People laugh and jeer and call her Pancake Face. Even when she is given a prosthetic nose and moves to the big city and take an office job, she cowers in dark corners, but the arrival of good-natured, loving friends help her accept herself.

The Girl With No Nose was inspired by a false nose Georgia Byng saw at the Hunterian Museum in London. It was once owned by a Victorian woman without a nose.

Hunterian Museum exhibit Georgia Byng Girl With No Nose

The Sock Monsters

One night Tiger, a witch’s daughter, hears a scrabbling noise in her room and discovers the Sock Monsters. They are frantic with distress because one of them has eaten a jersey and is very ill. Tiger takes care of them and feeds them old socks. When they scare a burglar off, Tiger’s mother agrees to let them stay, and agrees to let Tiger have her own wand.

Jack’s Tree

“Have you heard about the tree in Evergreen Park? They’re going to chop it down tomorrow!”
Jack is determined to save his favourite climbing tree. But how can one boy stand up to the might of the local council and men with chainsaws?

The Ramsbottom Rumble

A funny story about two cunning boys who outwit a wily conman who is chasing their bonkers granny.

Pancake Face

Alice Peasbody has no nose. People point and stare. Only the birds in the garden are Alice’s friends. She tries to hide away but it’s hard to hide a pancake face for ever…